NCAC was established by Law on Commercial Arbitration promulgated by Royal Decree No. NS/RKM/0506/010 dated 05 May 2006. In pursuant to such law, the Royal Government of Cambodia issued Sub-Decree No. 124 ANKr.PK dated 12 August 2009 on the Organization and Operation of the National Commercial Arbitration Centre and Sub-decree No. 182 ANKr.PK dated 31 December 2010 on the Amendments of the Sub-Decree No. 124 ANKr.PK. The Initial Arbitrator Selection Committee was created by Prakas of Ministry of Commerce No. 223 MOC/SM2009 dated 12 October 2009.


Strategy 1: Become Self-Sufficient
Diversify financial resources 
Enhance case management skills
Create more valuable services to users

Strategy 2: Stronger Arbitration Community
Increase greater appreciation of NCAC’s roles
Deepen collaboration with all stakeholders
Increase pipeline

Strategy 3: Integrate into International Community
• Increase international engagement and presence
• Increase greater internationalism

Strategy 4: Sustainable Development and Operation
• Lay foundation for sustainable development of the centre and arbitration as alternative dispute resolution
Innovate and invest in human resources and working tools


To facilitate impartial and prompt resolution of commercial disputes in accordance with the will of parties; and to safeguard their legal rights and interests with the aim of enhancing sound economic development.


  • To achieve high user satisfaction through excellent services, state-of-the-art facilities and effective implementation of regulations and rules.
  • To enhance the understanding of arbitration through collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • To attain wide international presence by contributing to the development of harmonized dispute resolution mechanisms beyond national boundaries.


Impartiality Intelligence