Become a Legal Entitiy

Legal Entity Members refer to the business associations or chambers of commerce which are registered as Legal Entity Members of NCAC. Each Legal Entity Member shall appoint one natural person to serve as its representative, to act in the name of the respective Legal Entity Member in all matters related to NCAC, including representing the Legal Entity in the Executive Board or any committee, if appointed therein. For the avoidance of doubt, such representative shall not be identified as a member of NCAC but as an individual. The qualifying criteria for member registration are:

  • The legal entity shall be any 1 (one) of the following categories of organizations:
    • The Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia;
    • Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia; or
    • Other business associations whose members are merchants, industrialists, traders or service providers.
  • It shall have been incorporated with legal personality under, and in accordance with, the applicable laws and regulations; and shall have been registered with the Ministry of Commerce or any other authorized institutions;
  • Under its corporate charter or bylaws, it shall have a clear system of governance with a bored and members;
  • It shall have at least 20 (twenty) legal entities as members;
  • It shall be active in commercial matters as defined in Article 2 (i) of the Law on Commercial Arbitration; and
  • It shall be willing to contribute actively to the objectives and activities of NCAC.

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