One of NCAC’s missions is to ensure that high quality arbitration services are provided in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This requires the institution to set standards for the qualification of arbitrators. NCAC offers a series of training courses in order to increase the number of arbitrators and enhance the quality of individual arbitrators in Cambodia. The training is for those interested in learning about arbitration with the intention of becoming a recognized arbitrator by NCAC. The Arbitrators Training Course consists of three levels:

  • Introductory Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

Introductory Level: This course provide a broad overview of arbitration before focusing on specific topics such as arbitrators and the process of arbitration. Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to understand what arbitration is, what principles are governing arbitrations, who arbitrators are (and their roles), and what procedural stages are involved in arbitration from the creation of an arbitration agreement to the enforcement of an arbitration award. The introductory course consists of five modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the course
  • Module 2: Arbitration Laws, Arbitration Rules and Agreements
  • Module 3: Arbitrators and Arbitration Commencement
  • Module 4: Arbitration Process
  • Module 5: Arbitral Award

Intermediate Level: This course offers specific knowledge and skills that are necessary for arbitrators to manage and complete arbitration proceedings. Upon completion of this course, participants will obtain foundational knowledge and skills that are necessary to act as an arbitrator at NCAC arbitrations. The intermediate course consists of five modules:

  • Module 1: Arbitration Agreements and Commencement
  • Module 2: Organizing the Arbitration
  • Module 3: Substantive Hearing
  • Module 4: Arbitral Award
  • Module 5: Drafting an Arbitral Award

Advanced Level: This course is designed to provide participants an opportunity to take part in a mock arbitration in which the participants are expected to apply the skills and knowledge received during the introductory and intermediate courses. The participants are also able to gain valuable feedback from trainers and co-participants. The advanced course consists of four modules:

  • Module 1: Mock Arbitration Round 1 – Procedural Orders
  • Module 2: Mock Arbitration Round 2 – Interlocutory Application
  • Module 3: Mock Arbitration Round 3 – Interim Hearing
  • Module 4: Review and Evaluation

Each participant will be assessed by the trainers based on his/her performance during the three stages of the mock arbitration as well as the review and evaluation module that follows.

Trainees who passed the examinations at all three levels will be qualified to take the Arbitrators Exam organized by NCAC and the Examination Committee.