Ouch Vutthy

ID 013
Phum Tvy Khang Tbong, Sangkat Andoung Khmer, Krong Kompot, Kompot Province.
(855) 12 888 025, (855) 16 999 027, (855) 97 5888 025

  • Master of International and Comparative Law (LL.M.) from Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) Université Lumière Lyon 2,  France
  • Academic Law of Commercial Enterprises from World Bank-MoCBachelor Degree of Law (LL.B.) from RULE (Promotion 2)
  • Certificates of Commercial Arbitration Skills and Commercial Laws, Method of Writing and Scrutinizing Arbitral Awards, Commercial Dispute Resolution and Laws, Lawyer Profession Skills (180hrs), International Civil and Commercial Law, International Trade Law.
  • Former Lecturer of Law in the field of Business Law, Company Law, Intellectual Property Law and Mechanisms for Commercial Dispute Resolution for 18 years at Universities and Workshops
  • Former Legal and Commercial Dispute Settlement Official of Legal Affairs Department, Ministry of Commerce for 12 yearsCertified Commercial Arbitrator and Lawyer of Cambodia.
  • Member of BAR Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia (BAKC)
  • Member of Intellectual Property Association of Cambodia
  • Fellow of National Commercial Arbitration Centre (NCAC) since 2011
  • Founder and CEO of Commercial Arbitrator Ouch Vutthy Office “OVT Dispute Resolution” and OVT Lion Law Office “OVT Law”
Current Position
  • Commercial Arbitrator, Mediator, Lawyer and CEO for Offices of OVTDispute Resolution and OVT Law
  • Commercial Arbitrator at NCAC
Professional Experiences

Currently, Mr Ouch Vutthy’s professional experience has been 23 years that are practising the field of Commercial Dispute Resolution and Commercial Law. To warrant these fields implementing, in 2009 Mr Vutthy set up an his office called as Commercial Arbitrator Ouch Vutthy “OVT Dispute Resolution” and in 2017, He established another his lawyer office called as OVT Lion Law Office “OVT Law”. By starting Sept 2009 till 20 Dec 1998 (9 years), both offices commit to provide their services in 3 categories, Arbitral Tribunal, Civil & Commercial Mediator and Consultant for Dispute Resolution &Commercial Law for 5 main subject matters that are as Company disputes/Heritage conflicts, Contract disputes, Intellectual Property disputes, Construction/Land disputes, Sale disputes (goods, services, commercial funds and real property) and International Trade disputes, and get their clientele in a numbers of 116 projects/cases