Chen Zhongqian

Arbitrator ID: 043

Phone Contact: (86) 1390 2273 796

Email Address:

Education and Professional Membership

  • Eduated in China University of Political Science and Law
  • Got Ph.D of Law in 2005
  • Hired as Law School Master’s Tutor of South China University of Technology, Jinan University, Guangzhou University
  • With almost 30 years’Lawyer experience, he is hired for advisor to the Legislature in Guangzhou and Legal Advisor to many enterprises and Business Associations

Current Position

  • President of China Nansha International Arbitration Centre

Professional Experience

  • A Leading Authority in civil and commercial law in China
  • The Director of China Guangzhou Arbitration Commission (CGAC) that had made a great progress in the number, amount and quality of cases recent years.
  • With his leadership and engaging in ODR study, CGAC successfully created the first online arbitration platform and established China Online Arbitration Alliance, which have a great impact on arbitration.
  • As an eminent lawyer with a wealth of experience in handling huge social impact cases, Dr. Chen is often chosen as the Chief-arbitrator by parties to deal with commercial disputes, especially in cross-border trade and shareholding transaction.
  • Emphasizing on combining practice and theory, Dr. Chen wrote many works, such as Acquisition of Listed Companies, Several Issues of SMEs Legal System, WTO and Financial-Legal Reform of China, Spcialization of Arbitration, and never stops researching and studying.

Language Proficiency

Chinese and English