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39.- Foreign Commercial Arbitration Centres
39.1    The Executive Board may, at its own initiative, recognize foreign commercial arbitration centres as referred to in Article 29 of the Sub-Decree No. 124, the Internal Rules or other rules issued by the NCAC by taking into account any of the followingcriteria:
      a-    the centre has been in existence and been functioning as a commercial
             arbitration centre for at least 10 (ten) years prior to the date of the
             proposal andduring said 10 ( ten) years there at least 50 (fifty) arbitration
             proceedings have been administered or facilitated by the centre;
      b-    at the Executive Boards discretion, the foreign commercial arbitration
             centre offers reciprocal recognition of the NCAC;or
      c-    any other criteria that the Executive Board may deem necessary on a
             case by case basis.

39.2    If the Executive Board becomes aware that the foreign arbitration centre no longer fulfills the criteria mentioned in Article 39.1 above, or for any other reason the Executive Board deems appropriate, the Executive Board shall withdraw the recognition.

39.3    The Executive Board shall keep a list of foreign commercial arbitration centres that it recognizes. If the recognition of a centre is withdrawn, it shall delete the name of the centrefrom the list.
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