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38.- Advisory Council – Membership and Meetings
38.1    The Executive Board may invite, at its discretion, national or foreign individuals of outstanding reputation and with considerable experience and expertise in relevant areas to become advisors who are the members of the Advisory Council.

38.2    Members of the Advisory Council will act on a voluntary and free of charge basis to offer their expertise and advice, either individually or collectively, to the NCAC. Travel expenses and other reasonable expenses may be reimbursed if there is a prior approval from the Executive Board.

38.3    If a member of the Advisory Council wishes to resign from the Advisory Council, the member shallissue a letter of resignation to the Executive Board.

38.4    The Executive Board may call meetings, either in person, by telephone or video conference, of the entire Advisory Council, or any part thereof, as it deems appropriate or necessary. Any such meetings will be facilitated and chaired by a member of the Executive Board or the Secretary General.
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