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25.- Executive Board and Authority
25.1    The NCACshall establish an Executive Board, which has following roles and responsibilities:
      a-    administering and decidingthe day-to-day operationsof the NCAC;
      b-    formulating and adopting the policies of the NCAC;
      c-    preparing,reviewing and amending rules and procedures of the NCAC;
      d-   organizing and overseeing training and professional development
             activities for the arbitrators of the NCAC;
      e-   appointing and overseeingperformances of the Secretary General and
             the General Secretariat as a whole;
       f-    determining the number of recruitments, working conditions, wages,
             other secondary benefits,  disciplinary actions and other conditions
             applicable to thestaff of the General Secretariat;
      g-    establishing, adopting and amending from time to time, the mechanisms
             and procedures for scrutinizing arbitration awards;
      h-    reviewing and monitoring the financial position of the NCAC on the
             basis of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports prepared by the
             Secretary General in accordance with the rules applicable to  the financial
             and administrative operation of the NCAC;
      i-    preparing and submitting the following documents to the General
            Assembly for approval:
           i.1-     the annual financial report of the NCAC for the preceding financial
           i.2-    the annual budget for the then current financial year and the budget
                    for the first quarter of the following financial year; and
      j-    implementing the decisions of the General Assembly.

25.2    The Executive Board reports to the General Assembly regarding its annual
             activities and decisions.

25.3    In executing its duties referred to in Article 25.1 above, the Executive Board may take any necessary decision on any matter that is not under the authority of the General Assembly provided that such decision is in accordance with the applicable laws.

25.4    In order to assist the performance of its roles and duties, the Executive Board shall establish the Appointment Committee, the Disciplinary Committee, the Education Committee and the Membership Committee whose functions and memberships are set forth under the Internal Rules. The Executive Board may also establish any other committees, as it deems necessary.

25.5    If the General Assembly resolves to reject any action taken by the Executive Board, such rejection shall only be effective prospectively and shall have no retrospective effect.
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