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21.- Effect of Non-Renewal and Termination of Membership
When a membership is terminated or not renewed, the former member shall have no access to any General Assembly meetings, nor be permitted to vote. The former member’s name and other data shall be removed from the relevant list of the members of the NCAC. If the former member or its representative is also a member of the Executive Board or of any committee of the NCAC, the former member’s membership of the Executive Board or such committee shall be terminated automatically.

If, at the time the Arbitrator Member losses membership of the NCAC, and such an Arbitrator Member is acting as an arbitrator in an arbitration proceeding before the NCAC, the General Secretariat shall inform the parties and the other members of that arbitral tribunal of the arbitrator’s loss of membership and, where appropriate, the reasons thereof. The parties shall have the liberty to elect,to retain, or remove such arbitrator from the arbitral proceeding in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the NCAC.
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