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20.- Procedure for Termination of Membership
20.1    In the case of Article 19.1 (b), (c),(d) and (h) and Article 19.2 (a), (b), (c) and (g), the decision by the Executive Board shall be automatic and have immediate effect. In all other cases, the Executive Board shall give the concerned member of theNCAC the reasons in writing of its intended decision to terminate theconcerned membership with theNCAC and give the concerned member of the NCAC30 (thirty) calendar days to submit an explanation in writing. The membership shall be terminated if the concerned member of the NCAC fails to give a satisfactory explanation within the mentioned period.

In all other cases of Article 19.1 and Article 19.2 above, the Executive Board shall submit its intention to terminate and the explanation of the natural person or legal entity to the Disciplinary Committee mentioned in Article 34.3 below which shall render advice to the Executive Board within 30 (thirty) calendar days. The Executive Board shall make a final decisionafter taking the advice of the Disciplinary Committee into consideration.
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