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9.- General Secretariat
The General Secretariat shall perform, among other things, the following activities under the responsibility of the Secretary General:
a-    case management:
    a.1-     performing the activities required by and in accordance with the
                Arbitration Rules of the NCAC;and
    a.2-    monitoring the schedules of cases and the flow of documents
               submitted or exchanged during the arbitration proceedings;
b-    administration and finance:
    b.1-    charging and collecting from parties, the registration, administration
               and arbitrator fees;
    b.2-    keeping the registers of arbitrators and any other members of theNCAC
               and ensuring that the registers are up-to-date;
    b.3-    prepare the draft of the annual budget plan and the activities plan of the
               NCAC for 3 (three) years period; and
    b.4-    other activities similar to the general administration and finance work;
c-    public relations, marketing and public awareness;
d-    organization of the initial and continuing education and training for arbitrators;
e-    organization of the education and training for relevant parties and the public;
f-    filing and compiling documents;
g-   collecting relevant information related to arbitration which may be useful for
       the members of NCAC;
h-   initiating new work and organizing activities and projects in support of the
i-    providing secretarial services to NCAC members by charging fees in
      with terms and conditions as may be determined by the Executive Board
       from time to time;
j-    supporting any publication work of the NCAC and maintaining the website
      of the  NCAC; and
k-   performing works assigned to it by the Executive Board.
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