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- Preamble
A. WHEREAS the Law on Commercial Arbitration (as defined in Chapter I),
                      Sub-decree No. 124 (as defined in Chapter I)and Sub-Decree
                      No. 182 on the Amendment of Article 52 of the Sub-Decree
                      No. 124 (as defined in Chapter I) establish an independent NCAC
                      (as defined in Chapter I) to promote the resolution of commercial
                      disputes by means of arbitration and to create the necessary
                      infrastructure and rules for the administration of arbitral
                      proceeding of commercial disputes in Cambodia.
B. WHEREA   Stheinternal rules are important for governing the structure, operation
                      and governance of the NCAC.

NOW THEREFORE WE, members of the NCAC, agree to establish and abide by the rules set forth under the provisions of the Internal Rules (the “Internal Rules”) as set forth below:

Visitors Number