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April 30, 2015
12.1 All arbitrators shall always devote their time and full attention to all the circumstances of the dispute as reasonably required by the parties, and shall attempt to conduct the arbitration proceedings in such manner that will not incur an unreasonable expenses/costs.

12.2 Within a reasonable time after rendering an award, the arbitrator shall avoid any act as described in Articles 9.3, 9.6 and 9.7 above which may cause a party or any other person to believe that the arbitral award was rendered on the basis of such improprieties.

12.3 The NCAC, through its Appointment Committee, shall stimulate and supervise compliance with this Code of Conduct by arbitrators who are members of the NCAC or conduct proceedings that are administered by the NCAC. The arbitrators shall be willing to discuss with the NCAC or its appropriate committee any feedback or complaints received from the parties or other persons during or after the arbitral proceedings with regard to their performance, in particular any perceived breach of this Code of Conduct or other applicable NCAC regulations.
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