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September 04, 2014
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41.1    Costs of arbitration, NCAC Fee Schedule
The costs of the arbitration shall consist of:
     a-    registration fee;
     b-    administration fee;
     c-    arbitrator appointment fee;
     d-    Tribunal fee; and
     e-    any expenses incurred by the Tribunal, and NCAC, as referred to from Rule 41 (Costs
             of arbitration) to Rule 46(Expenses incurred by Tribunal and NCAC).

The costs of the arbitration shall be determined by the General Secretariat in accordance with this Chapter and the NCAC Fee Schedule adopted by NCAC in accordance with its Internal Rules. The General Secretariat's determination of the costs of arbitration shall be final.If the arbitration is settled or disposed of without a hearing, the costs of arbitration shall be finally determined by the General Secretariat. The General Secretariat shall give regard to all the circumstances of the case, including the stage of arbitration proceedings at which the arbitration is settled or disposed of. In the event that the costs of arbitration determined are less than the advances made, there shall be a refund in such proportions as the parties may agree, or failing an agreement, in the same proportions as the advances were made.

41.2    Amendment and Application of NCAC Fee Schedule
The NCACExecutive Boardmay amend its Fee Schedule from time to time as it deems appropriate. The NCAC Fee Schedule applicable shall be that in force on the day that the complete Notice of Arbitration in accordance with Rule 7.1 (Notice of arbitration)is received by the General Secretariat.

41.3    Apportionment of costs of arbitration
The Tribunal shall specify in the award, the total amount of the costs of the arbitration. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the Tribunal shall determine in the award the apportionment of the costs of the arbitration among the parties.
Following the foregoing, the Tribunal shall determine the amount payable by 1 (one)party to another. In doing so, it shall take into account the respective amounts of advance paid by the parties toNCAC pursuant to Rule 48(Advances).

41.4    Joint and several liability
The parties shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of the total costs of the arbitration to NCAC.
Rule 42.-    Registration fee
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