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September 04, 2014
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In addition to the powers specified elsewhere in these Rules and not in derogation of the mandatory rules of law applicable to the arbitration, the Tribunal shall have the power to:
      a-   order the correction of any contract, but only to the extent required to
             rectify any mistake which it determines to have been made by all the
             parties to that contract. This is subject to the condition that the
             applicable law of the contract allows rectification of such contract;
      b-    order the preservation, storage, sale or disposal of any property or
              item which is or forms part of the subject-matter of the dispute;
      c-    on the application of a party, issue an award for unpaid costs of the
      d-   direct any party to ensure that any award which may be made in the
             arbitration proceedings is not rendered ineffectual by the dissipation
             of assets by a party;
     e-    order any party to provide security deposits for legal or other costs
             in any manner the Tribunal thinks fit;
      f-    order any party to provide security deposits for all or part of any
            amount in dispute in the arbitration;
     g-    impose sanctions as the Tribunal deems appropriate to any party
             for failure or refusal to comply with these Rules or with the
            Tribunal’s orders or directions or any partial award or to attend any
            meeting or hearing;
    h-    decide, where appropriate, any issue not expressly or impliedly
           raised in the submissions filed under Rule 22 (Submission by
           the parties) provided such issue has been clearly brought to the
           notice of the other party and that other party has been given
           adequate opportunity to respond;
    i-    determine the law applicable to the arbitration proceeding; and
    j-    determine any claim or legal or other privilege.
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