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September 03, 2014
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27.1    Appointment of expert
Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the Tribunal may, following consultation with the parties, appoint 1 (one) or more independent experts to report to the Tribunal on specific issues, which are determined by the Tribunal, in writing. The Tribunal shall provide the parties with a copy of such determination.
The Tribunal may require a party to give such expert any relevant information, or to produce or provide access to any relevant sites, goods, properties or documents for her/his inspection.

27.2    Written report, comments by parties
Any expert so appointed shall submit a written report to the Tribunal. Upon receipt of such report, the Tribunal shall deliver a copy thereof to the parties and invite them to submit written comments on it.

27.3    Participation of expert in hearing
If the Tribunal considers it necessary and unless the parties have agreed otherwise, any such expert shall, after delivery of her/his written report, participate in a hearing. At the hearing, the parties shall have the opportunity to question him/her.
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