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September 03, 2014
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26.1    Advance notice by the parties
Before any hearing the Tribunal may require each party to give notice of the identities of the witnesses, which in this Rule 26 (Witnesses)shall include expert-witnesses,she/he intends to call, the subject matter and relevance of their testimony, and the language in which such witnesses will give their testimony.

26.2    Allowing, limiting or refusing appearance of witnesses
The Tribunal has discretion to allow, limit or refuse the appearance of witnesses.

26.3    Testimony in written form
The Tribunal may direct the testimony of witnesses to be presented in written form or any other form of recording. Subject to Rule 26.2(Allowing, limiting or refusing appearance of witnesses), any party may request that such a witness attend oral examination. If the witness fails to attend, the Tribunal may place such weight on the written testimony as it thinks fit, disregard it or exclude it alltogether.

26.4    Questioning of witnesses
Any witness who gives oral evidence may be questioned by the Tribunal and each of the parties in such manner as the Tribunal shall determine.

26.5    Oath or affirmation
A witness may be required by the Tribunal to testify under oath or affirmation.

26.6    Witness to retire
The Tribunal may require any witness to exit the hearing during the testimony of other witnesses.

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