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September 03, 2014
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25.1    Burden of proof
Each party shall have the burden of proving the facts, applicable rules and any trade usage relied on to support her/his claim, counter-claim or defense.

25.2    Inquiries, orders and examination of evidence
The Tribunal may at any time during the arbitration proceedings conduct such inquiries as it deems necessary or appropriate, or order any party within such period as the Tribunal shall require, among other things:
     a-    to produce documents, exhibits or other evidence;
     b-    to provide an index or summary of the documents,
            exhibits or other evidence which that party has presented
            or intends to present;
     c-    to make any site, object or documents under her/his control
            available for inspection by the Tribunal, the other party, or
            any expert appointed by the Tribunal; and
     d-    toarrange for samples to be taken from, or any observation
            to be made of or experiment conducted upon, any site,
            object or documents under her/his control.

A party is entitled to examine any evidence presented by the other party.

25.3    Admissibility of evidence
The Tribunal shall determine the admissibility, relevance, materiality and weight of all evidence.Evidence need not be admissible in law.
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