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September 03, 2014
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24.1    Hearing
Unless the parties have agreed on hearing manner (oral hearing or based on documents and other materials only), the Tribunal shall decide whether to hold oral hearing(s), or conduct the arbitration proceedings on the basis of documents and other materials only.
However, the Tribunal shall hold oral hearing at an appropriate stage of the arbitration proceedings, if so requested by a party.

24.2    Additional hearings
Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the Tribunal may decide at any stage prior to issuing a final awardif the circumstances of the arbitration require that additional hearings be held.

24.3    Place of meetings and hearings
Regardless of the seat of arbitration referred to in Rule 16 (Seat of arbitration), the Tribunal may hold meetings and hearings by any means and at any location it considers appropriate.

24.4    Notice of hearings
The Tribunal shall fix the date, time, place and means of any hearing and shall give the parties reasonableadvance notice thereof in any event no less than 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to the hearing date.
If any party to the arbitrationproceedings fails to appear at oral hearing without showing sufficient cause for such failure, the Tribunal may proceed with the arbitration and may make an award based on the submissions and evidence before it.

24.5    Prior list of issues or questions
At least 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to ahearing date, the Tribunal may provide the parties with a list of issues or questions to which it wishes them to give special consideration.

24.6    Presence at hearings, translation, recording
The parties shall be entitled to be present at any oral hearing. All hearings shall be in private unless the parties have agreed otherwise. As provided for in Rule 18.2 (Translation), the Tribunal may order that a translation be provided of any oral or written communication made or submitted during the hearing.
The Tribunal may decide if, and in what form, oral hearing shall be recorded.

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