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September 03, 2014
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23.1    Revocation of Claim
The Claimant shall have the right to revokeher/his claim upon notice to the Tribunal, unless the Respondent objects thereto and the Tribunal recognizes a legitimate interest on her/his part in obtaining a final decision on the dispute. The Tribunal shall issue an order for termination of the arbitration proceedings in case of such revocation of the claim.

23.2    Amendment to claims and defenses
During the arbitration proceedings, any party may amend or supplement her/his claim, defense, counterclaim or set-off defense, unless the Tribunal considers it inappropriate to allow such amendment or supplement because of undue delay to the arbitration proceedings, prejudice to the other party or any other circumstances. However, a party may not amend or supplement such claim or defense if the amended or supplemented claim or defense would fall outside the jurisdiction of the Tribunal.
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