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September 03, 2014
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21.1    Conditions for consolidation
The General Secretariat may, at the request of a party and with the agreement of all the other parties, consolidate 2 (two) or more arbitrations initiated under these Rules into a single arbitration. General Secretariat may adjust (increase or reduce) the administration fee and Tribunal fee based on the circumstance, stage and impact of the consolidation on the services of NCAC and of the Tribunal.

21.2        Relevant circumstances
In deciding whether to consolidate, the General Secretariat may take into account any circumstances it considers to be relevant, including
     a-    whether all of the claims in the arbitrations are made under
             the same arbitration agreement;
     b-    whether, if the claims are made under different arbitration
            agreements, the arbitrations are between the same parties,
            the disputes in the arbitrations arise in                     connection
            with the same legal relationship and the arbitration agreements
            are deemed compatible; and
     c-    whether arbitrators have already been appointed in more than
            1 (one) of the arbitrations and, if so, whether the same or
            different persons have been appointed.

21.3    Consolidation into the first arbitration received or commenced
Unless otherwise agreed by all parties, when arbitrations are consolidated, they shall be consolidated into the arbitration for which theNotice of Arbitration was receivedfirst by the General Secretariat if none of the arbitration cases has commenced yetor for which arbitration proceedings commenced first if the arbitration cases have commenced.
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