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September 03, 2014
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18.1    Language of the arbitration proceedings
The parties are free to agree on the 1 (one) or more language(s) to be used in the arbitrationproceedings. In the absence of such agreement, the language shall be determined by the Tribunal, due regard being given to all relevant circumstances, including the language of the contract.

18.2    Translation
The Tribunal may order a party to provide a translation of any written or oral communications intosuch language(s) and in such form as the Tribunaldeems appropriate.

18.3    Language of arbitral award or order
If the language(s) of arbitration proceedings either chosen by the parties or determined by the Tribunal in accordance with Rule 18 (Language)is a language other than Khmer or English, the language of any award or order issued by the Tribunal shall be either in Khmer or English after consultation with the parties.
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