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September 03, 2014
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15.1    Reasons for replacement
An arbitrator shall be replaced upon that arbitrator’s death, upon the arbitrator’s withdrawal or resignation, or upon the termination of her/his mandate for any other reason in accordance with these Rules.

15.2    Appointment of substitute arbitrator by a party
Subject to Rule 15.3(Appointment of substitute arbitrator by NCAC), whenever an arbitrator has to be replaced during the course of the arbitration proceedings, a substitute arbitrator shall be appointed pursuant to the same procedure provided for in Rule 10 (Appointment of Arbitrators)that was followed for the appointment of the arbitrator being replaced, commencing no later than 15 (fifteen) days upon receipt by the concerned party of notice of required replacement. No party shall be prevented from participating in such appointment by reason of her/his earlier failure to participate in the appointment of the arbitrator being replaced.

15.3    Appointment of substitute arbitrator by NCAC
If, at the request of a party to the General Secretariat, NCAC, through its Appointment Committee, determines that, in view of the exceptional circumstances of the case to ensure expeditious arbitration proceedings or avoid unnecessary delayNCAC, through its Appointment Committee, may, after giving an opportunity to the parties and the remaining arbitrators to express their views, make the appointment of the substitute arbitrator instead.

15.4    Consequences of replacement of arbitrators
If an arbitrator of one-member Tribunal or thepresiding arbitrator of multiple-member Tribunal is replaced, any hearings held previously shall be repeated unless otherwise agreed by the parties. If any other arbitrator of multiple-member Tribunal is replaced, such prior hearings may be repeated at the discretion of the Tribunal after consulting with the parties. If the Tribunal has issued an interim or partial award, any hearings related solely to that award shall not be repeated, and the award shall remain in effect.

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