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September 02, 2014
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11.1     Parties, or arbitrators appointed by the parties, may appoint as arbitrator the following:
       a-    any arbitrator who is registered with NCAC; or
       b-    anyperson who has served or is registered as a commercial arbitrator
               of  any local or international commercial arbitration institution.

The following further requirements apply:
       a-    any person appointed as an arbitrator shall submit a signed statement
               a.1-  thatshe/he is willing and available to act as arbitrator; and
             a.2-  thatshe/he is and shall remain impartial and independent and that
                       she/hehas made and shall make the disclosures as referred to in
                       Rule 12.2(Disclosure).
       b-    any person appointed as an arbitrator referred to under Rule 11.1 (b-)
               shall add to the statements under Rule 11.2 (a-):
             b.1- evidence of award issued by her/him within24 (twenty-four) months
                       prior to theappointment, or certification of current arbitrator
                       membership; and
               b.2- a confirmation that she/he agrees to and shall abide by the NCAC
                       Code of Conduct and other applicable rules of NCAC, including
                       these Rules.

   In any case, within 7 (seven) calendar days after receiving notice of arbitrator appointment from the party(ies),the General Secretariatmay, upon the decision of the AppointmentCommittee, notify the concerned party(ies) in writing of a lack of any required qualification as specified above. The concerned party(ies) shall consider and decide about the arbitrator appointment within7 (seven) calendar days from receipt of such notification.

11.4    If the concerned party(ies) refuse or fail to appoint a new and qualified arbitrator within the 7 (seven) calendar days,the Appointment Committee shall have the power to appoint arbitrator(s) for the concerned role(s), as in the case the party(ies) fail to appoint arbitrator(s),within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from receipt of the notice of rejection.
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