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September 02, 2014
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2.1    Application of the Rules These Rules shall apply if parties have agreed to refer their disputes to arbitration by NCAC or to arbitration under the Rules of NCAC (or words of agreement to the same effect).

2.2    Date of effect
These Rules shall come into effect on the date set forth under Rule 57 (Final Provision) and shall apply to any arbitration for which the Notice of Arbitration is received by the General Secretariat on or after that date.

2.3    Conflict with the law governing the arbitration If any of these Rules are in conflict with any mandatory provision of the Law on Commercial Arbitration of Cambodia (when the seat of the arbitration is in Cambodia) or of another law governing the arbitration (when the seat is outside Cambodia), that provision shall prevail.

2.4    Derogation from Rules
If they so agree, the parties may derogate from provisions of these Rules wherepermitted hereunder.
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