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August 29, 2014

Rule 1.- Definitions

Rule 2.- Scope of application

Rule 3.-Representation

Rule 4.-Communications, simultaneous copies

Rule 5.- Time limits

Rule 6.- Fair, expeditious and efficient proceedings, no delays

Rule 7.- Commencement of Arbitration

Rule 8.- Response by Respondent

Rule 9.- Number of arbitrators

Rule 10.- Appointment of arbitrators

Rule 11.- Persons that may be appointed as arbitrators

Rule 12.- Independence and impartiality of arbitrators, disclosure

Rule 13.- Challenge of arbitrators

Rule 14.- Failure or impossibility to act

Rule 15.- Replacement of arbitrators

Rule 16.- Seat of arbitration

Rule 17.- Applicable law, amiable compositor

Rule 18.- Language

Rule 19.- Pleas as to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal

Rule 20.- Conduct of the arbitration proceedings, general

Rule 21.- Consolidation of arbitrations

Rule 22.- Submissions by the parties

Rule 23.- Revocation of claim, amendment to claims and defenses

Rule 24.- Hearings, meetings

Rule 25.- Evidence, general

Rule 26.- Witnesses

Rule 27.- Experts appointed by the Tribunal

Rule 28.- Interim measures

Rule 29.- Closure or re-opening of arbitration proceedings

Rule 30.- Settlement

Rule 31.- Other grounds for termination of arbitration proceedings

Rule 32.- Decision-making

Rule 33.- Final, interim or partial awards

Rule 34.- Form of the award

Rule 35.- Scrutiny

Rule 36.- Issuance of an award

Rule 37.- Effect of the award, implementation

Rule 38.- Correction, amplification and interpretation of an award, additional award

Rule 39.- Case file of General Secretariat

Rule 40.- Power of the Tribunal

Rule 41.- Costs of arbitration

Rule 42.- Registration fee

Rule 43.- Administration fee

Rule 44.- Arbitrator appointment fee

Rule 45.- Tribunal fee

Rule 46.- Expenses incurred by Tribunal and NCAC

Rule 47.- Party’s legal and other costs

Rule 48.- Advances

Rule 49.- Confidentiality

Rule 50.- Publication of awards

Rule 51.- Waiver of rights

Rule 52.- Choice between court and NCAC

Rule 53.- Unforeseen matters

Rule 54.- Exclusion of liability

Rule 55.- Amendments to the Rules

Rule 56.- Practice guidelines

Rule 57.- Final Provisions

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