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June 19, 2014
Advisory Council of the National Commercial Arbitration Centre    The Advisory Council is to provide information and expert advice to the NCAC on relevant issues, developments and trends, including with regard to international arbitration regulations, policies and best practices; national and international law and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms; business and commercial practices; institution building and management; training and professional development.  

Currently NCAC Advisory Council Members are:
  1. H.E.  Sok Siphana, Advisor to the Royal Government of Cambodia
  2. H.E.  Bun Hun, President of the Cambodia Bar Association
  3. H.E. Son Sophoan , Chief Cabinet office Minister of justice
  4.  H.E.  Nguon Meng Tech, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia
  5.  H.E.  Van Sou Ieng, Director of CAMFEBA
  6.  Mr.   Johnny Tan Cheng Hye, Arbitrator of Singapor
  7.  Dr.    Anselmo Reyes, International judges in Hong Kong  
  8.  Ms.   Billie Jean Slott, Managing Director of Pro Asia Legal Solution Law Office
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