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June 09, 2014
NCAC as well as an Arbitral Tribunal constituted under NCAC Arbitration Rules operates and functions with full independency from any disputing party and from any undue influence of the government authorities of Cambodia. Minimal start-up formal support from the Royal Government of Cambodia, through the Ministry of Commerce, for effective operation of NCAC does not affect the independency of NCAC and its Arbitral Tribunal.    Arbitrator(s) who is/are appointed for an Arbitral Tribunal is required to be neutral regardless of how she/he is appointed. This means that even an Arbitrator is appointed by a disputing party, she/he shall not act in any manner as an advocate for or protector of the interest of the party appointing her/him. Arbitrator(s) serving any Arbitral Tribunal are required under the NCAC Arbitration Rules and Code of Ethics for Arbitrators to maintain impartiality and disclose any actual or livelihood of conflict of interest before accepting the appointment or as soon as knowledge or incident of conflict of interest emerge during any stage of arbitral proceeding.  
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