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April 01, 2014
NCAC provides adequate administration for institutional and adhoc Arbitration referred or submitted by the parties to the Center. The NCAC services for institutional arbitration cover pre-arbitration, during arbitration and post-arbitration stages of the disputes resolution process. They include, but not limited to, case registration, arbitrator appointment, deciding on challenge of arbitrators, notice of Tribunal constitution, receiving and managing party’s deposit ordered by the Tribunal, ensuring proper communications between parties and the Tribunal, providing mentoring support to arbitrators, coordinating meetings between parties and the Tribunal, following up with the Tribunal on various stages of arbitral proceedings to ensure timely services, making draft award scrutiny to ensure proper format, clarity and full coverage, clearing arbitration costs with the parties, forwarding the award to the parties, providing certified copy of the award in relation to seeking award recognition and enforcement, and facilitating any request for additional award, award clarification, or correction of typographical, calculus, clerical or other similar mistakes or award interpretation.   
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